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New Feature (VIPM 2020): VIPM Browser

Jim Kring

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VIPM Browser

The "VIPM Browser" window (below) is new feature that provides a fast way to search and install packages.


To open the VIPM Browser, do any of the following:

  • Click on the Windows Start menu and type "VIPM Browser"
  • Double-click the "VIPM Browser" desktop icon
  • Double-click on the VIPM Browser system tray icon (which will be visible when LabVIEW or VI Package Manager are running)
  • Right-click on the VIPM Browser Windows system tray icon and choose Open VIPM Browser
  • Click on the Open "VIPM Browser" link on the VI Package Manager main UI
  • Choose the Window >> VIPM Browser menu item in VI Package Manager's menubar.


Type a search query and view the results. You can give a star to a package you like and see which packages have been given stars and installed by other users (along with some stats). Note: Only public packages can be starred and/or show statistics. 


Select a Package


Install a Package



Two UI Sizes: Big Mode and Compact Mode

You can toggle between the big mode and compact mode by using the Collapse/Expand button.



Small Mode

The "small mode" is designed to not take up much space.

Note: In "small mode", the VIPM Browser window will float on top of LabVIEW. It won't do this in "big mode"



A checkmark indicates a package is already installed.

Click a package to select it.



    Tip: Keyboard navigation

    • You'll find that <tab>, <shift+tab>, and the <up>/<down> arrow keys work great for navigating the search results list -- give it a try.
    • Once, you found a package, press <Enter> to select a package, install/uninstall it, and open it in LabVIEW
    • Press <backspace> to go back a screen (until you get to the search results when backspace will start editing the search query) 


    System Tray Icon

    The system tray icon tells you when VIPM Browser is running. It always shows when VI Package Manager is running. Note: when the VIPM Browser system tray app is running, the VI Package Manager UIs will open very quickly, since they don't need to be reloaded. The system tray icon runs when LabVIEW is running, and can even be configured to run when Windows starts up (right click on the System Tray icon and choose Options > to configure).


    See also: New Feature: Windows System Tray Notifications

    Download VIPM 2020 today!


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