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TCP Response with State Machine


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I have a 2 state machines that are connected through user events.  One of these is for taking measurements and writing data, the other is to control loading, moving and unloading the UUTs this is done through TCP communication (this is defined already from the vendor so I cant change that).  With the the load there is a long wait time until I have a response over TCP and I dont want to have the measurement machine locked until I have a response.  I would assume the best way would be just to ping the TCP read in a timeout loop with the TCP read timeout set to 100ms and clear the error until there is a response.  This should give me the ability to response to other user events and keep the machine active.  


Again maybe I am on the right path for this and it is the best solution but something tells me there is a better option that I am not seeing.

Anyone have a better solution?


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