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VIPM 2020: problem with simple VIP install

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I am trying to open a .vip file using VIPM 2020, but VIPM says "This package is not compatible with your operating system or any LabVIEW version installed on your computer".
I have LabVIEW 2018 installed, but I cannot select it: the pull down menu shows both System and LabVIEW 2018, but both are grayed out.
I tried rebuilding the .vip using VIPM 2020, but rebuilding did not make a change.
VIPM 2020 is able to detect the previous version of this .vip file which is already installed on my computer: seems that I can uninstall, but cannot install new packages.
I am using the free version of VIPM.


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Si yo también tengo este problema, Estoy tratando de abrir un archivo .vip usando VIPM 2020, pero VIPM dice "Este paquete no es compatible con su sistema operativo ni con ninguna versión de LabVIEW instalada en su computadora".

No deja cargar los paquetes de Arduino, que nesecito practicar para enseñar, 

Me parece o es un bloqueo, intencional, ojala no sea asi. saludos comunidad.

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