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How can I download packages from VIPM.io?

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How can I download a package off of VIPM.io so that I can transfer it to a non networked computer for install? I can’t find a way to download it. It just wants to invoke the VIPM application to do the install. I’m downloading on a computer that doesn’t and can’t have the VIPM application installed. 

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Hi Quentin,

Thanks for your good question.

Here's a how to guide for that use case:

How do I transfer packages with VIPM to a non-networked computer?

Note: This requires VIPM Community Edition or VIPM Pro to create a VIPC file that stores a copy of the package inside the VIPC file.

Would that work for you? I understand this isn't exactly what you asked for.


PS - thanks for your patience, since many of us our out on thanksgiving vacation this week.

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Thank you.  Your first answer wouldn't work in my use case as we don't have permission to install VIPM on the internet enabled computer.  However, your second answer is exactly what I needed.  I need to be able to download the package, burn it to disk, and sneaker-net it to the development (not internet connected) network.

I'm off for Thanksgiving but I'll give it a test when I'm back at work.  It lets me download a package at home so it looks like it will work for me.

Thank you for the quick turn around!


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