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Display whether installed toolkit is published to "internal" repository or not



Currently at our company we are building internal toolkits which we use for projects, but do not put it to LVTN. Toolkits are published via OneDrive, everyone has mapped same local folder as repository in VI Package Manager.

Different toolkits are handled by different developers. And sometimes there is a situation, when new version of toolkit is built, installed locally and tested, but it is not published to our local repository.

It would be nice (I understand that on the other hand it is not such a common case) to have it in such a way, that:

- developer installs new version of the toolkit;

- VIPM detects that actually such a toolkit (based on name and version) has been previously installed from a locally configured (custom) repository;

- if so, VIPM checks that this toolkit has not yet been published to that local repository;

- it will display some icon similar to those which are in "VIPM Legend" list.

In that case, developer would see that he has some toolkit which is not published - so either he will publish it, or leave it as it is.

Also there could be warning similar to the one which is shown when VIPM is opened, and there are updates for the toolkit.

And, when toolkit is published - icon is set as usually.

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Hello @Jim Kring,

thank you, actually yes, it is already displayed as "Unpublished" in the "Repository" list. Just, this status is displayed also for toolkits which have never been published - for example, toolkit's development is in progress, and it is just installed locally in order to check how it works. The same happens when it is installed via VIPM which does not have license to publish packages. Or, when there are installed toolkits (like ESF, Dictionary, etc.) downloaded from somewhere, and which have not been published also.

But nevermind, and thank you for the idea - it is possible just to sort list by Repository, so Unpublished toolkits will be on top, and thus immediately visible that something is not updated. That is enough in order not to forget to publish the package.

P.S. Interesting to see Dragon icon already directly in VIPM :)


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I think I see what you're saying -- if an older version of the package is published in a repository, but the installed/latest (i.e. displayed) version is not published, it would be helpful to know that it's a development version that's not yet "officially" published to the repo. This is different, perhaps, than a package where no versions are published. 

Idea: Maybe VIPM should display "Local" as the Repository name if no versions of the package are published.

This deserves some more thought, for sure.  I'm glad you have a workable solution, for now. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

P.S. Yes, there have been some dragon signings lately ;)

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