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VIPM 2020.3: "Restart LabVIEW After Install" is not executed


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I've tried to build package using VIPM 2020.3, and set option "Restart LabVIEW After Install".

Package is built without issues, but when I install it - LabVIEW is not restarted.

Previously I was using such option with VIPM 2019, and everything worked fine...

Am I missing something please, or this feature really does not work now?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi @kosist.

Thanks for reporting this.

Can you explain a little more about what you're seeing in 2020.3?

You said, "when I install it - project is restarted"  and that part about the project confused me.

Are you saying that when you install the package only the project gets restarted (but LabVIEW is not restarted)?

If you can, please be sure to report:

  • Steps to reproduce (is there a public package that reproduces this issue?)
  • What you expected to see.
  • What you saw/observed instead.


Also, a quick thing you could check is to see if the spec file inside the package (open the *.vip file with 7-zip and look at the spec file) to see if the Restart LabVIEW key is different/missing.


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Hello @Jim Kring,

sorry for the confusion, have no idea why I've written like that...

What I meant - is that LabVIEW is not restarted after toolkit is installed. I'll update original post, sorry for that.

I've checked spec file as you've suggested, and really there is set "FALSE" flag for LV restarting.

Let me show the screenshot of toolkit's configuration, and resulting flags in spec file.


Let me also attach dummy package which reproduces the issue.

Thank you very much for your help!

Restart Issue Toolkit.zip

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Thanks for that extra info @kosist. We're going to look into this much deeper, but I wanted to give you a quick response with a possible work-around.

If you create a post-build custom action (Note: This requires VIPM Pro or VIPM Community, and won't work with VIPM Free) you can unpack the package (meaning: unzip the .vip file to a folder), modify the spec file (set the "restart labview..." key to TRUE), and then repack the package (zip it back up into a .vip file).

Please let me know if this makes sense or if you need help.

Here's a screenshot of how you would call this in your post-build custom action (except you would modify the "spec" file contents instead of the MNU file shown in the example):


Unpack Package.vi Repack Package.vi

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Hi @kosist.

I think I figured it out.

The options on the "Advanced LabVIEW Requirements" area only supported in VIPM Pro. My guess is that this .vipb was created with VIPM Pro, but the copy of VIPM you're using is not activated as VIPM Pro.  VIPM will still build the package if you have VIPM Free activated, but it resets those flags to FALSE during the build. 

Try toggling the checkbox for that setting to FALSE then TRUE and you'll probably see this dialog stating that it's a VIPM Pro (and Community/Non-Commercial) feature:


Hope that helps.


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Hi @Jim Kring,

thank you for update; I'm going to try that post-build action.

This build was done using Community Edition (and I'm working on open-source toolkit).

Did you check please that this option is really set in spec file? But maybe if you use another build, that issue does not exist there already (I have VIPM 2020.3, build 2540).

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hello @Jim Kring,

thank you for the provided files for unpack/repack the package.

I've tried to implement post-build action, but seems that there are 2 issues.

1. Seems, that post-build action is not executed. I've put breakpoint to post-build action VI - and nothing happened during the build, VI was not executed. Also, spec file was not modified.

Could it be the bug, and post-build action is disabled for Community edition (the same situation as with flags?).

2. I've prepared VI in order to modify package manually (as post-build action was not called).


When I run it, spec file is modified. But, when I try to install toolkit via VIPM, the following message occurs:


Seems, that VIPM "doesn't like" package after re-pack operation... Does it check some checksum of the file or something?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Sincerely, Ivan.

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