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Feature Guide: Working with Multiple LabVIEW Project Files (e.g. RT, FPGA, Host)

Jim Kring

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Some projects benefit from having multiple LabVIEW project (*.lvproj) files for a variety of reasons. One common use case is to have a LabVIEW project file for each target in a distributed/embedded system.

For example, we might have three LabVIEW project files in our project folder:

  • MyProject_Host.lvproj
  • MyProject_RT.lvproj
  • MyProject_FPGA.lvproj

However, a Dragon project allows you to specify only one LabVIEW project file. Yet, we can work around this by copying and renaming your .dragon file, creating one copy for each LabVIEW project file.

To do this, simply copy the .dragon file so that you have three copies that are named:

  • MyProject_Host.dragon
  • MyProject_RT.dragon
  • MyProject_FPGA.dragon

Then, open each dragon project and edit it's configuration: (1) change the display name  and (2) change the path to the LabVIEW project file.


Note: Multiple .dragon project can use the same virtual environment. You can experiment with whether this works best for your application. You might also experiment with using a separate virtual environment for each project/target, but be careful to avoid cross-linking and keep the codebases for the different targets separate on disk (isolate them into separate project folders on disk).

Here is a video, below, showing how to do this.

The password for the video is "dragon" (without quotes)



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Great! First I thought that it works just for projects which are located at the same level in the folder, but it comes that project itself could be inside of subfolder, and Dragon cfg file - in some another (top-level) folder.

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yes, that's right -- the .dragon file can be placed in the very top level folder of the project source code and the .lvproj, .vipc, and .vipb files can be kept in subdirectories. There's a new feature in the latest build that helps with this, too.  When you're opening a new project for the first time, Dragon will search in subfolders (up to two levels deep) for these .lvproj, .vipc, and .vipb files when it auto-populates the dragon project configuration for the first time.


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