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VIPM won't install OpenG library

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I am debugging a Labview 2017 crash that says the OpenG library is missing, so I installed VIPM 2020 to install it. I searched for OpenG online, then clicked on 'Open with VIPM'. A VIPM broser window then opens but 'Open in VIPM' is greyed out and there is no information on the library in the window (see screenshot).

What should I try? VIPM isn't my main goal, I just need to get the OpenG library installed so my code can run.


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I've seen that before -- sometimes VIPM's local package database doesn't get fully sync'ed

Please try this:

Open the VIPM Main window by clicking on the orange "VI"


Then, refresh the package list in VIPM by clicking the refresh button on the toolbar image.png

You should then be able to find OpenG Toolkit by clicking on the link again or searching for it in the VIPM Main window.

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