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Display list of missing required packages


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When there are missing required packages and project is opened, Dragon asks to install missing required packages.


But, it would be great to display in this dialog window what exact packages are missing - just to know in advance whether it is really needed to install them now.

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That's a good point Mariano. Right now, Dragon assumes that anything in the VIPC should get installed into the virtual environment -- this is an area of use case and feature investigation.

Would you want to be able to specify in Dragon that specific packages should be installed globally vs in the lv-venv? Ideally, the user should not need to worry about such things, yet at the moment it is a consideration the user must make.

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I've been playing with the latests version and It shows the message correctly. But I realised that I need a way to save in my source code all my dependencies (installed global or locally, It shouldn't matter) so the .vipc file must have a list with these dependencies and dragon should ask you where you want to install. Re-reading this threat now I understand that the location of the dependencies depends of the user and not depends of the source code.

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