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SQLite Library installation to lv-venv folder issue


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1. Created LV project, added empty VI.

2. Created new Dragon project, selected above created project.

3. Opened Resources tab, Add Package -> SQLite Library in lv-venv folder.

4. Started installation.

5. Installation gets stuck on "Reading VI Linker" operation. But, toolkits are shown as Installed in VIPM window.


6. Pressed button "Cancel" in small VIPM Handler window -> window was simply closed.

7. Pressed red round "Abort current operation" button in VIPM window -> button disappeared.


8. Closed Dragon window -> it was simply closed, but VIPM remained opened.

9. Had to kill VIPM process via Task Manager.

10. Reopened Dragon project again, and opened VI in the project.

11. Checked functions menu palette. SQLite menu entry is there, but no VIs are loaded:


12. Inspected lv-venv folder on the disk -> VIs are present on the disk.

13. Tested this behavior in LabVIEW 2020 and LabVIEW 2017 - result is the same.

14. Tried to install SQLite Library into global environment via Dragon -> everything works fine.

15. Tried to install some another toolkit locally (OpenG Boolean library) - everything works fine.

Maybe, it is issue just of SQLite Library toolkit, but for sure there is something not OK overall - somehow VIPM gets into the state when it is not responsive, and one has to kill it via Task Manager.

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