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New Dragon Build (2721) Available for Download

Jim Kring

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There's a new build of Dragon and VIPM 2021 Beta: Download it here or via check for updates in Dragon/VIPM.

Here's what's new (since the last build 2712):

  • Fix - Installing packages with deep recursion (e.g. A>B>C>A) was getting stuck and hanging VIPM (e.g. SQLite toolkit). This has been fixed.
  • New - VIPM Extensions for LabVIEW now adds support for various other palettes like Connectivity, Data Communication, etc.
  • Fix - Detection of project LabVIEW version was not working well if there were no VIs in project. This has been fixed and the LabVIEW version will be read from the .lvproj file.
  • Fix - Opening .dragon projects from Windows File Explorer via double-click was not working. This has been fixed.
  • Fix - Drag & Drop of packages in the Resources Tree was causing problems. Drag & drop has now been disabled, since it was not implemented as a feature and was causing problems for users.
  • Fix - If a Dragon project's VIPC file path (as specified in the dragon project configuration page) was missing from disk it was causing packages to not appear in the Resources tree. This has been fixed and a missing VIPC file should not cause problems -- it will be created as soon as a user chooses to add a package to the VIPC.
  • New - The Dragon project configuration page now shows a dialog when a user un-checks the "Install Packages Under Project Folder" setting, asking the user if they want to delete the lv-venv folder from disk. This avoids installed packages in the lv-venv remaining on disk and project VIs linking to those lv-venv VIs.
  • Fix - The LabVIEW Project window was sometimes showing (off to the lower right) when on the Resources Page and the window was maximized. This has been fixed.
  • Fix - On German language systems, the LabVIEW Project ("Projekt") window would stay floating instead of docking inside of the Dragon project window -- this has been fixed.
  • New - The dragon project dialog prompting users to install required packages now shows a list of package names/versions and the target installation environment (global or virtual) so that users have better understanding of what will happen when they choose to "Install". Previously, this dialog did not show package names or installation target.
  • Fix - The Windows Desktop and Start Menu items for "Dragon" were not opening the dragon app. This has been fixed.
  • Fix -- Right clicking on the empty area of the recent projects list of the Dragon Welcome window was causing problems (and should not be possible). This has been fixed and and its no longer possible to right-click on the empty area of the recent projects list (no right-click menu will appear)
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