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Arabic translation


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I have had success with Chinese and Russian. I am applying the same method for Arabic that is outlined in the documentation that you linked.

The Windows locale setting for Chinese(Simplified) works for both Russian and Chinese.

When I apply any Arabic setting I get the screenshot above.

I have tried different Unicode file encoding methods and applied them directly to the Read Unicode File vi but always got the same strings for Arabic.

I attached my vi and json file.


Dictionary.JSON Language Selection.vi

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Thanks for clarifying all the different things you’ve tried. I’m sorry that the instructions aren’t working correctly for Arabic. I don’t have any experience getting this tool working for Arabic, so I haven’t run up against this problem. I’ll ask some of my colleagues if they know anything about it

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As an update, I have been applying the file directly to the unicodeStringtoASCIIJKI_Simple_Localization.vi.

Arabic gets translated to ASCII correctly as shown in the screenshots.

Maybe a kernel32.dll function needs to be updated. Hopefully I find something and I will post it on this thread.


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One thing I didn't notice before, the library will only accept UTF-8 without signature.



When a file is ran through with this encoding the file is accepted as an ASCII string through 'readUnicodeFileJKI_Simple_Localization.vi'. This works for Chinese and Russian, not for Arabic.



If I try any other form of Unicode file encoding on the json file, the file will go through 'unicodeStringtoASCIIJKI_Simple_Localization.vi' that uses the WideCharToMultiByte function.




It will however fail at 'JKI JSON Serilization.lvlib:Unflatten From String.vi' which is the subsequent vi.




Basically, I have found that anytime that 'unicodeStringtoASCIIJKI_Simple_Localization.vi' conditions are met, the 'JKI JSON Serilization.lvlib:Unflatten From String.vi' generates an error.

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