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Custom VI Package Repository Error

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Hey VIPM team,

we're experimenting with local VIPM repositories but running into problems.

  • We're working in a VM running LV2016 and VIPM 2021.0 (2721)
  • We set up a local repository which should be accessible via the URL https://vipm.hampel-soft.com/ (private, only available internally or via VPN)
  • When trying to update packages, VIPM throws an error



  • In the error logs, there actually is an error associated with the file VIPM wants to download from our custom repository:
=========== START of VIPM 2021.0 (build 2721) Error Message ===========
An internal VIPM 2021.0 (build 2721) Error has occured on: Sunday May 30, 2021 at 10:02:18 AM

= Automated Message Start = 
Error 42 occurred at (http response "HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request". URL Requested: 
https://vipm.hampel-soft.com/index.vipr.zip) 52D9A4562D38CB99A669F85011D9D2EE:1310001 in 
->OGPM Class.lvlib:E4D4F8782AE9DBB9105BB3D92B765ACC->OGPM 
Class.lvlib:8C3E06FF1E6C98D9A8E16799D6B3EEEB->7AF8C3BAECF0AACE1A61F9248BAC879A->VIPM Main Window.vi
Possible reason(s):
LabVIEW: (Hex 0x2A) Generic error.
= Automated Message End =

= User Defined Message Start = 
    Error downloading from:  - https://vipm.hampel-soft.com/index.vipr
= User Defined Message End =

= Error Handler Call Chain Start =
    VIPM Main Window.vi->
    OGPM Class.lvlib:8C3E06FF1E6C98D9A8E16799D6B3EEEB->
    OGPM Class.lvlib:E4D4F8782AE9DBB9105BB3D92B765ACC
= Error Handler Call Chain End =
=========== END of VIPM 2021.0 (build 2721) Error Message ===========


  • Wireshark shows that the HTTP request is denied with a strange error message (see screenshot):




Both through the browser and via a simple test VI, I can manually access said file on that LV2016 VM.

I then tried adding our repo within another virtual machine running LabVIEW 2018 and VIPM 2021.0 (2694); here our repo works fine! After upgrading the installation in the LV2018 VM from build 2694 to build 2721, our local repo still works for that VM. So it's not related to the VIPM version it seems.

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While creating some more screenshots for this post, I actually figured out the problem: It's in the URL of the repo!

On the VM where I got the error message, I had not provided the scheme (the protocol, https). It is a bit misleading that the error message (as shown above) will actually display the full URL including the scheme.


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Hi Joerg,

Glad you figured this out. Yes, the protocol (https://) prefix needs to be included.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s related, but there’s one extra thing that might be relevant:

For HTTPS support in VIPM 2020.x be sure to set the network options in VIPM to “Use System Proxy Settings (Windows Only)”. The “No Proxy (Direct Connection)” setting doesn’t support HTTPS, yet...

In VIPM 2021 (now in beta) we’ve added HTTPS support in the default (No Proxy / Direct Connection) mode.




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