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Error 1012 - dependency BD not found


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I'm getting a new error which I'm not sure the best way of troubleshooting.

I'm getting error 1012 which says it can't load the BD of a VI and that makes sense as the VI it is specifying is part of a PPL (the PPL is part of the dependencies, and not part of the actual source code I want to package).

This particular package isn't doing anything fancy, it's just 'copy and pasting' source code from my workspace to a root directory (no palettes or fancy options enabled).

I have been quite happily creating this package until recently, and I don't know if it's correlation or causation that I recently upgraded to VIPM 2021.


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I'm seeing the same behaviour (albeit with a VI with its block diagram removed). Did you find a way to get to the bottom of this, Tom?

JKI / VIPM team, any ideas?

Edit: I'm seeing this behaviour on VIPM 2021.1 (build 2754)

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Hello VIPM team, can you please look at this and let us know if it's an actual bug in VIPM 2021 or how we can solve or work around this in the future? Thank you!!


Btw, is this maybe related to the fact that VIPM 2021 now also pulls in edit-time dependencies? See 


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