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VIPM Package Build Problem

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VIPM 2020.3 (build 2540)

I'm getting a bizarre error. I get a build failure where VIPM claims that the following source library is missing

C:\Common\Generator Interface\Message Interfaces\Gen11 Message Interface\Gen11 Message Interface\Gen11 Message Interface.lvlib

When the library actually is located here.

C:\Common\Generator Interface\Message Interfaces\Gen11 Message Interface\Gen11 Message Interface.lvlib

This library is a collection is actor message interface classes if that makes a difference. I'm also been able to do a mass compile of the entire directory without any errors.


This might not be related, or a quirk of the builder that I don't know about: The other weird thing is if I open the project while VIPM is in the failed state, the error list contains a bunch of failed VIs that couldn't find a .NET library located within my project.

(This project is pretty big and contains some proprietary information so I can't upload it. Sorry, that makes it hard to troubleshoot.)


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Does the VIPM error dialog state which calling VI is trying to find that missing VI?

The dialogue has two parts: one that shows you the missing VIs, and the second that shows you which project source VIs are calling the missing VIs

also, often the culprit is a VI on disc that is not actually being used anymore, but it’s broken. The package builder is including it, even though it’s not being called by anyone

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This is the first window that pops up



Wouldn't a mass compile of the directory ferret out any broken VI's that are looking for a library in the wrong place? Does this mean I have an external dependency doing this?

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Thanks for posting the screenshot. What does the dialog show after you press OK? It should indicate the caller of that missing vi.

it’s hard to know for sure if A mass compile of your Source folder would fix the issue. Possibly, yet sometimes the linkages can be crossed up across different projects.

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Those are classes within the library.

If I open up that library, it shows no errors. If I open up those message classes, they open up the library fine.

I just tried to open the library and do a save all. Still getting the error.

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On a whim, I decided to try and delete the lvlib and rebuild a new one (they weren't that complicated). That seems to have solved the problem.

Some sort of corruption? (although looking at the file in Notepad++, I'm not sure where that could have possibly gone wrong)


Either way, thanks a lot for the help.

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