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how to Debug Error 1004 building package

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The package that I want to build depends of other package called medidas. This medidas package consist of some libraries that contains classes and child of this clases.

When I open the project and show error list window I have no VIs with errors and also I can build and exe this the vis of the new package and builds correctly.

This is not the first version of the package. I know that I have done some changes in the package that I want to build, and mainly of the are aesthetic changes and not related with the "medidas package"

Atttached I send the error file in case you can extract some information


As show in the attaced image I can call the openVI ref with the control string



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Any ideas about this?

I've been trying to build the package in other computer, and I obtain the similar error but reporting issues with other vis

Attached are the error files in both pc and also the bin files in case it could

noviembre-09-2021 PC 2.txtvipmsupport_11-09-21_17-45-33 PC 1.binvipmsupport_11-09-21_17-43-35 PC 2.binnoviembre-09-2021 PC 1.txt

VI Package Builder PC1.log VI Package Builder PC1.ogbld

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