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VI Package Builder Error 7 - Linking Info wrong?


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I'm using Package Builder to create our framework package and have encountered this error several times before. It always happens when I change the name of a class in LabVIEW.

For example, in this instance I changed a class from "ATEF_Base_Actor.lvclass" to "ATEF_v1_Base_Actor.lvclass", and subsequently the builder fails with an error:

Method Name: Linker:Read Info From File

The file at 'C:\Projects\ATE LabVIEW Framework\src\.ATE Framework\Core ATEF Actors\ATEF_v1_Base_Actor\ATEF_v1_Base_Actor.lvclass\ATEF_v1_Base_Actor.ctl' was expected to have the qualified name 'ATEF_v1_Base_Actor.lvclass:ATEF_v1_Base_Actor.ctl', but has the qualified name 'ATEF_Base_Actor.lvclass:ATEF_v1_Base_Actor.ctl'.

Somehow VI Package Builder is able to recognise the original class name from some linker info. I wonder if this is legacy data in the class itself?

A string search of the .lvclass file XML does not reveal any "ATEF_Base_Actor" results, but the error relates to the private data ".ctl". In LabVIEW itself the private data control has no legacy class name references:

I've tried Mass Compile, I've tried deleting the compiler cache, I've tried restarting LabVIEW.
In the past, the only solution has been to revert in source code control and avoid renaming classes at all, but I need this working now.

Does anyone have an idea how this is happening? Is there a bug in LabVIEW that's maintaining some stale linker data in the class somehow? I vaguely recall there's a method to purge class historical data (mutation history), do I need to try this?

Also, we standardised on LabVIEW 2017 SP1 and VI Package Manager 2017 (seems we're on v17.0.0), and we can't upgrade to new major releases.

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Update: I tried moving every class into a dud library, saving every class, then moved them all back out to where they were originally, saved every class, then tried VI Package Builder, and....


So not sure what this did but changing the ownership of classes from independent to belonging-to-a-library and then back again seemed to sort this.

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