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Palette appearing twice


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I am using the package builder to package a library. I don't want to use the default palette that recreates the folder hierarchy, but group VIs by functions to make an intuitive palette. The library is used to communicate with an instrument, and my target location is the intr.lib folder. I have therefore chosen this folder on the "source File settings" pane. Then on the  "palette" pane, I have edited the function palette to include and group the different VIs as I want them to appear in the palette menu. I have also chosen  "instrument drivers" in the palette location box, as it is where I want my custom palette to be located.

When I install the package, everything works fine, but my library appears twice on the instrument drivers palette: once with the custom palette I created, and once recreating the folder hierarchy of the package. I'm assuming that the second one is automatically included by LabVIEW as it scans the sub-folders in the inst.lib folder and create a palette for this. I have found a workaround which is to physically locate the files in another folder, however this solution is obfuscating and it would be more logical to have the files physically located in the instr.lib folder as well.

What would be the best way to proceed?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Samuel,

You're right that LabVIEW will automatically add anything it finds in instr.lib into the Instrument Drivers palette.

Note that if you name your installation target folder with an underscore at the beginning of the folder name (e.g. "_My Instrument") then LabVIEW will not automatically add it to the palette. That might be the best work-around if you need your VIs installed under instr.lib

Hope that helps. Let me know...

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