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VPIM 2021.1 Issues with lvlibp VIs in Wrapper VIs

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I am running into an issue with VIPM 2021.1.  I had built some wrapper VIs for some VIs in a lvlibp as I wanted to allow the installation of the vis on palettes and keep it version agnostic. However, I was trying to build a couple of them today and I keep getting different errors. In one of the more complex package builds I got it to work by allowing enabling diagrams in my lvlibp prior to building the package. however in another one, I got the error code 1059 with no real details of where the error is. I am wondering if something changed that when it build a package it now digs deeper into the VIs.

The way I had it working before (must have been a 2020 version) I could make the wrapper and have a lvlibp  VI inside and it would build fine and was working for my needs. Any suggestions on a workaround or fix to make it work like it did?

I have attached the 2 errors I have seen. I know if I enable subdiagrams in the lvlibp it seems to fix the 1012 error




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