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VIPM VI Package Manager OpenG Libraries

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I wanted to get the random number (range) . vi 

this led me to OpenG Libraries (still want OpenG Libraries even if random number (range) . vi isnt included)

which led me here: https://www.ni.com/en-us/support/downloads/tools-network/download.openg-libraries-for-labview.html#379041

With Windows selected for OS I pressed DOWNLOAD, nothing happened so I pressed restart download and went through the sequence below:

image.jpeg.3ff65def0fde0fd29574f75d90d431ac.jpeg image.jpeg.6d148f5aeb89cacb810d5c144020a25e.jpeg image.jpeg.e10e24bac73aa3e250a0e82e4b6ee191.jpeg image.jpeg.955acc546c5c2d28ddcc71382b5105d4.jpeg

I ended up at https://www.vipm.io/package/openg.org_lib_openg_toolkit/ and pressed Install with VIPM and went through the same sequence as above.

I searched in the bottom left Windows search for VIPM and VI Package Manager, no results. I went to NI Package Manager and searched for it with no results.

I went to add/remove programs and found VI Package Manager 2018 listed and press Uninstall but while it is gathering required information to configure VI Package Manager 2018, I get an error:


image.jpeg.9bb5c2342246ebbf3b6920ffb6051622.jpeg image.jpeg.a327cc8dd77c0ee4fb3b2ea8bf16a65b.jpeg

I tried to press Modify and remove it that way but no luck

image.jpeg.b574d13620abaf9635d06ef01fdecf3e.jpeg  image.jpeg.471c828358cc7848a6ac1979c042466c.jpeg image.jpeg.c18137abceeb6b20d902b6d3260832ea.jpeg image.jpeg.cf3b78a39e90a91e7017d4d81463d7c8.jpeg

I tried to repair

image.jpeg.05eb9edffb6d83f2fc86f49952ed3d2c.jpeg image.jpeg.31b7709345f989bb8fb302cb4b9c2f29.jpeg

I try to modify and get the same problem as the repair errors above.

Does anyone have a solution for this?




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