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  1. That first error message is related to the autoupdate. Perhaps the download is blocked by your company.

    You can download the SP1 update directly from here.


    The other error is something new that I've only seen a few times. VIPM is trying to install a package into LabVIEW and cannot because of permissions problems. This might happen because LabVIEW 2012 was installed with limited permissions.


    Can you go to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\vi.lib\addons\

    and look at what the permission setting is on that folder? That might give us a clue.


    Normally LabVIEW is installed with open access to the vi.lib folder. So this is not a problem.

    If permissions is an issue then you may be able to get it working by setting VIPM to launch with admin access. You can configure your VIPM to run using "Run As Administrator". You can also set this permanently in the security tab of the shortcut properties page:




    Thanks Michael, your solutions worked for both issues.



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