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G-Unicode by Dataflow_G

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A LabVIEW library for displaying Unicode, manipulating Unicode strings, and performing file I/O on Unicode paths. * Drop-in Unicode replacements for string, file I/O, and user dialog functions * Unicode path support -- Read/write filenames and paths which contain Unicode - no more "?????" paths -- Native system file dialog which returns unicode paths -- File references opened from Unicode paths compatible with LabVIEW's File I/O functions * All Unicode data is internally encoded as UTF-8, stored in new UTF-8 String and UTF-8 Path class types * New VIs accept both standard LabVIEW strings/paths and UTF-8 String/Path class inputs * Custom probes allow viewing Unicode text when debugging * Custom QuickDrop plugin allows viewing and editing UTF-8 String/Path constant values * VIs for reading and writing Unicode text to LabVIEW controls

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