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VIPM Community Add-ons for LabVIEW


  1. JSONtext by JDP Science

    JSONtext is a library intended to make working with JSON in LabVIEW easy, fast and flexible. It is based on high-speed text parsing, and does not involve any kind of intermediate representation of the JSON (the only thing passed between functions are JSON text strings). Homepage: vipm.io/package/jdp_science_jsontext

  2. LV ArgParse by sklein

    A parser for command line arguments of compiled LabVIEW applications. Based on syntax and usage of the python argparse package.

    Homepage: vipm.io/package/sklein_lib_lv_argparse/

  3. Hooovahh Array VIMs by Hooovahh

    Discussion for hooovahh_array_vims

    Collection of OpenG Array VIs converted into VIMs
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  4. IG ExecAnchor by IlluminatedG

    Discussion for illuminated_g_lib_ig_execanchor

    A simple mechanism to either have an event automatically generated when a launching execution hierarchy goes idle or provide the ability to poll the calling execution hierarchy's status. This is useful when launching asynchronous VIs that should close down when the execution hierarchy that launched the async VI finishes so that an async orphan isn't left running in the background.
  5. LabVIEW-QuickDrops-Manager by NEVSTOP

    Discussion for labview_quickdrops_manager

    Tool for managing your QuickDrops
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  6. LV ArgParse by sklein

    Discussion for sklein_lib_lv_argparse

    A parser for command line arguments of compiled LabVIEW applications. Based on syntax and usage of the python argparse package. Supports generated help messages and version info Supports optional, required and positional parameters. Supports --option value, --option=value and --option="long value" notation Supports handling of basic data types: string, path, int64, uint64, double, date
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  7. CSM Continuous Meausrement and Logging Example by NEVSTOP

    Discussion for nevstop_lib_csm_continuous_meausrement_and_logging_example

    DAQ framework & Modules based on Communicable State Machine(CSM)
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  8. CSM MassData Parameter Support by NEVSTOP

    Discussion for nevstop_lib_csm_massdata_parameter_support

    MassData Arguments Support for Communicable State Machine(CSM)
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  9. Communicable State Machine(CSM) by NEVSTOP

    Discussion for nevstop_lib_communicable_state_machine

    LabVIEW Application Framework extended from JKI State Machine(JKISM)
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  10. Error Manager by Robusto Systems

    Discussion for robusto_systems_lib_error_manager

    The Error Manager is a stand-alone, asynchronous LabVIEW module that can help log LabVIEW errors to file, display error details to the user, and display the chronological or inverse-chronological list of errors that occurred since the module started. The module is framework-agnostic, reusable from project to project, and can keep working even when being “spammed” with many instances of the same error (spam protection functionality). Using the Error Manager in a new application helps ensure out-of-the-box robust and reliable error handling.
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  11. DQMH Testandifier by Neosoft Technologies

    Discussion for neosoft_technologies_inc_lib_testandifier

    TestStandifier is a tool that adapts a DQMH module to be efficiently called from TestStand
  12. Release Automation Tools Documentr Template by Hampel Software Engineering

    Discussion for hse_lib_release_automation_tools_documentr_support

    An asciidoc template for the RAT documentr tool. ------------------------------------------------------------ Interested in CI/CD with LabVIEW? Then visit our Release Automation Tools at https://rat.hampel-soft.com. Our tools help automate the testing, documenting, building, packaging and publishing of your projects. Built-in support for Git lets you trigger our tools from your repository, via GitLab CI/CD or Azure DevOps amongst others. ------------------------------------------------------------ This template is published under a free licence; you can use, modify and extend it as you wish. However, if you need commercial support, feel free to reach out to us. At Hampel Software Engineering (HSE) we work with our customers to increase the quality of their software through improved development processes. If you are interested in working with HSE or want to learn more about how we can help you please visit www.hampel-soft.com.
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  13. LMock by Astemes

    Discussion for astemes_lib_lmock

    LMock is a mocking framework used for automatically generating and maintaining mock classes. A mock is a test double used, in place of a concrete implementation, when writing automated tests. This enables testing units of code in isolation, as the interface to the rest of the system is "mocked". Using a mock the behavior of the code under test can be verified, by checking that the expected VI calls are made. Furthermore, outputs from calls to the mocked objects can be predefined to stimulate and control the system under test. The LMock toolkit features an expressive API, powerful scripting features, and detailed failure descriptions. For full documentation, please see https://lmock.astemes.com/
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  14. Events for UI Actor Indicators by justACS and SAS Workshops

    Discussion for events_for_ui_actor_indicators

    Easily create events for front panel indicators of UI actors
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  15. G-Unicode by Dataflow_G

    Discussion for dataflow_g_lib_g_unicode

    A LabVIEW library for displaying Unicode, manipulating Unicode strings, and performing file I/O on Unicode paths. * Drop-in Unicode replacements for string, file I/O, and user dialog functions * Unicode path support -- Read/write filenames and paths which contain Unicode - no more "?????" paths -- Native system file dialog which returns unicode paths -- File references opened from Unicode paths compatible with LabVIEW's File I/O functions * All Unicode data is internally encoded as UTF-8, stored in new UTF-8 String and UTF-8 Path class types * New VIs accept both standard LabVIEW strings/paths and UTF-8 String/Path class inputs * Custom probes allow viewing Unicode text when debugging * Custom QuickDrop plugin allows viewing and editing UTF-8 String/Path constant values * VIs for reading and writing Unicode text to LabVIEW controls
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  16. Caraya JUnit for Azure Pipelines by PNR

    Discussion for pnr_lib_caraya_junit_for_azure_pipelines

    <b>Caraya JUnit for Azure Pipelines</b> is a test report extension for Caraya that generates JUnit test reports compatible with Azure Pipelines. Test reports are generated according to the JUnit result format and can be published to Azure Pipelines using the Publish Test Result v2 task.
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  17. Actor Hierarchy Inspector by justACS

    Discussion for justacs_lib_actor_hierarchy_inspector

    Displays an actor hierarchy in real time. Users can open the front panel and block diagram of an actor, or stop the actor.
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  18. Firebase API by PantherLAB

    Discussion for pantherlab_lib_firebase_api

    LabVIEW API to access Firebase Real Time Database.
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  19. TOML Edit by JKI

    Discussion for toml_edit

    A LabVIEW wrapper around the Rust toml_edit library (built into a DLL).
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  20. Explain Error (Improved) by JKI

    Discussion for jki_lib_explain_error_dialog_improved

    Replaces the Explain Error window (available via right-click on an Error Cluster) with one that adds some nice features. 1) clickable links to VIs (click to open Front Panel, ctrl+click to open Block Diagram). 2) Search Google for details about the error.
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  21. IG AF Message as Interface by Illuminated G

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_af_message_as_interface

    Changes the base Message.lvclass to a LabVIEW Interface and updates the message tooling.
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  22. OrderSelection QControl by Q Software Innovations, LLC

    Discussion for qsi_lib_orderselection_qcontrol

    This QControl presents the user with a horizontal list of items that they can then drag and drop items to reorder them. The background graphic for the items are changeable.
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  23. ColumnSortMulticolumnListbox QControl by Q Software Innovations, LLC

    Discussion for qsi_lib_columnsortmulticolumnlistbox_qcontrol

    This QControl provides sorting on each column of a Multicolumn Listbox by clicking on the column header. It also shows in the column header an arrow indicator showing the sorted column and sort direction.
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  24. AnimationRing QControl by Q Software Innovations, LLC

    Discussion for qsi_lib_animationring_qcontrol

    The AnimationRing is a QControl that inherits from and extends the Ring control, specifically a Picture Ring. It cycles the value of the ring which contains a frames of the animation. The frame rate is settable by property. It requires the QControl Toolkit.
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  25. VITester For G-CLI by SAS Workshops

    Discussion for sas_workshops_lib_vitester_for_g_cli

    Tool for running VI Tester tests via G CLI
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  26. DVR Collections by FisoThemes

    Discussion for fisothemes_lib_dvr_collections

    This toolkit contains VIMs that allow you to work with DVR versions of LabVIEW maps, sets, variant attributes, and arrays as if they were generics. It also enhances behaviors such as separating add and update operations, and providing clearer and consistent connector labels.
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  27. RichTextBox QControl by Q Software Innovations, LLC

    Discussion for qsi_lib_richtextbox_qcontrol

    The RichTextBox is a QControl and requires the QControl Toolkit. It inherits from and extends the String control. It implements formatting through an HTML-like markdown. Add a toolbar using the Toolbar Facade and giving its reference to the constructor.
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  28. BreadcrumbNavigator QControl by Q Software Innovations, LLC

    Discussion for qsi_lib_breadcrumbnavigator_qcontrol

    The BreadcrumbNavigator QControl is a QControl that inherits from and extends the String control. It acts like a list of HTML-Like links to help provide navigation in an application. Add items through an included property. Clear all items through an included method. When an item is clicked on, any thing after it is removed from the list and the clicked item is returned. It requires the QControl Toolkit.
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  29. ColorSelector QControl by Q Software Innovations, LLC

    Discussion for qsi_lib_colorselector_qcontrol

    The ColorSelector QControl is a QControl that inherits from and extends the Cluster Control. It contains in the cluster a picture control for the grayscale selector, a picture control for the color selector, numbers for red, blue, green, and hex representations of the color, and a color box showing the selected color. This toolkit comes with many other methods that convert color representations between RGB, RGB Hex, CMYK, HSL, HSV, and Greyscale Index. It also includes common named colors in web design. Many of the conversion method can be used without having to use the QControl functionality.
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  30. Calendar QControl by Q Software Innovations, LLC

    Discussion for qsi_lib_calendar_qcontrol

    The Calendar QControl is a QControl which inherits from and extends the Cluster control. It implements multiple buttons, lists, etc. to implement a Calandar. It has a properties to customize: *Start Day of Week *Colors of different components *Toggle visibility of horizontal and vertical lines It requires the QControl Toolkit. Similar to the .Net Calendar Control but implemented entirely in LabVIEW.
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  31. Cyth Logger (with SQLite) by JDP Science

    Discussion for cyth_logger_sqlite

    A logger and log viewer using an SQLite database. A Log Viewer is available under the Tools menu, or can be built as a stand-alone executable. Benefits from the rapid searchability of SQLite.
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  32. Caraya CLI Extension by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW

    Discussion for lvos_lib_caraya_cli_extension

    Command Line Interface extension for JKI's Caraya using G-CLI from Wiresmith.
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  33. IG OAuth2 by IlluminatedG

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_oauth2

    Native LabVIEW OAuth2 authentication flow
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  34. IG HTTP Utils by Illuminated G

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_http_utils

    HTTP parsing and handling utilities.
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  35. IG HTTP Server by Illuminated G

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_http_server

    HTTP Web Server implemented with 100% LabVIEW. Includes HTTPS, Form handling, Sessions, WebSocket Upgrades, and more.
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  36. IG Gmail API by IlluminatedG

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_gmail_api

    APIs for sending emails through Gmail accounts using the IG OAuth2 library for account authorization.
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  37. IG AutoComplete by Illuminated G

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_autocomplete

    A tiny autocomplete search UI for string controls that can work as a popup or using an existing ListBox
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  38. WebView2 by sklein

    Discussion for sklein_lib_webview2

    Provides a XControl wrapping Edge
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  39. OpenG Variant Data Library by OpenG

    Discussion for oglib_lvdata

    OpenG Variant Data Library
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  40. LV-WebSockets by LS Instruments

    Discussion for ls_instruments_ag_lib_lv_websockets

    A library implementing the WebSocket protocol including support for resource names
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  41. WebSocket-Actor by LS Instruments AG

    Discussion for ls_instruments_ag_lib_websocket_actor

    A library implementing a high-level actor-based implementation of
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  42. IG OOPanel by Illuminated G

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_oopanel

    Object Oriented UI Panel Library that also serves as a dynamic custom array UI
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  43. LUnit For G-CLI by SAS Workshops

    Discussion for sas_workshops_lib_lunit_for_g_cli

    Tool for running Lunit tests via G CLI
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  44. VIPB Builder For G CLI by SAS Workshops

    Discussion for sas_workshops_lib_vipb_builder_for_g_cli

    Tool for Building VI packages via G CLI
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  45. IG Promises by IlluminatedG

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_promises

    Chainable Promises implementation for interacting with asynchronous tasks in a consistent way with built-in error propagation.
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  46. DQMH CLI Module Validation by DQMH Consortium

    Discussion for dqmh_consortium_lib_dqmh_cli_module_validation

    DQMH(R) module validator tool via command line interface.
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  47. LabVIEW TwinCAT ADS by FisoThemes

    Discussion for fisothemes_lib_labview_twincat_ads

    Unofficial LabVIEW TwinCAT API for communicating with Beckhoff PLCs via ADS
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  48. CSM API String Arguments Support by NEVSTOP

    Discussion for nevstop_lib_csm_api_string_arguments_support

    API string argument support enhancement for CSM
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  49. KD Tree by sklein

    Discussion for sklein_lib_kd_tree

    A fast KD-Tree for nearest neighbor lookup based on flann
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  50. JSON Pretty Printer by Felipe Pinheiro Silva

    Discussion for felipefoz_lib_json_pretty_printer

    Utility to pretty print (or minify) your JSON String and make it more human readable.
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  51. Open Source Package License Collector by Neosoft Technologies

    Discussion for neosoft_technologies_lib_open_source_package_license_collector

    Get license files and information about open-source packages used in your LabVIEW development
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  52. GraphBuilder by Cyril Gambini

    Discussion for graphbuilder

    Toolkit to create, perform several algorithms and render directed graphs
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  53. Async Methods Actor by LS Instruments AG

    Discussion for ls_instruments_ag_lib_async_methods_actor

    A library that extends the Actor Framework to allow for async method execution
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  54. SAS Timing Test Doubles by System Automation Solutions LLC

    Discussion for system_automation_solutions_llc_lib_sas_timing_test_doubles

    Provides a seam in order to inject a Test Double to override LabVIEW's built in timing primitives.
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  55. muParser Expression Parser API by LAVA

    Discussion for lv_muparser

    API for calling muParser fast math expression parser (https://beltoforion.de/en/muparser/)
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  56. IG WebSocket Stream by Illuminated G

    Discussion for illuminatedg_lib_ig_websocket_stream

    WebSockets based on IG Stream and for integration in IG HTTP Server
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  57. Wovalab Utilities by Wovalab

    Discussion for wovalab_lib_utilities

    This toolkit provides a set of vis and tools we use at Wovalab when developping LabVIEW applications
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  58. Git API by Hampel Software Engineering

    Discussion for hse_lib_git_api

    A collection of LabVIEW VIs for using the git command line client.
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  59. CSM INI Static Variable Support by NEVSTOP

    Discussion for nevstop_lib_csm_ini_static_variable_support

    Support of Static Variables which are loaded from ini configuration file for Communicable State Machine(CSM)
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  60. Error Structure Drawer by Stuart J. Box

    Discussion for error_structure_drawer

    A LabVIEW Quick-Drop (QD) plug-in for drawing an error structure on the block diagram.
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  61. Tag Engine by Canter Automation

    Discussion for tag_engine

    Tag Variable Engine for LabVIEW
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