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  1. For my purposes I changed the default behavior of the "Macro: Exit" case. The default is to pre-pend the case "UI: Front Panel State >> Close" before "Data: Cleanup" and "Exit" but since this caused LabVIEW to before running "Data: Cleanup" I changed the behavior to : Data: Cleanup UI: Front Panel State >> Close Exit Event though Exit never runs I like knowing that "Data: Cleanup" did. Grant
  2. Hello, I have built my application on the JKI state machine and it works great out of LabVIEW (currently running 2014 but started with 2012). When I build the project and run it, by right clicking on it under Build Specifications and selecting Run, I get a different flow through the state machine. I've written a little.vi to show me the current state and the future states. I hooked it into every JKI state machine case and ran the project. I then pressed the default OK button to exit the project and watched the flow through the states. Once this was working I built my project using
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