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  1. Hi all, I am using VI tester to run unit tests in my project. When I run unit tests for the VIs which are using NI XML APIs. The LabVIEW crashes/hangs randomly at the VI - "..\vi.lib\xml\XPath\Get All Matched Nodes.vi" at the DLL Node. I am not sure about the reason why I am facing this. In the below image, highlighted is the node where execution waits and makes LabVIEW hangs/crashes. Please answer the below Questions which helps me to understand the problem better: 1. In any case does VI Tester runs all the Test VIs Parallelly? 2. The DLL is set to run in UI Thread Could that be a problem? I have tried to change it to run in any thread but that didn't help. Please help me to understand this issue Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  2. Hi Ashish, Using f1 patch of VIPM 2018 solved this problem. Thanks, Bhargavi.
  3. Hi Ashish, That didn't work. I have repaired the VIPM and restarted my PC. I am seeing the same error though. Please suggest me if any other way exists. Thanks, Bhargavi.
  4. Hi all, I am using VIPM 2018. I am unable to open a VIPB file in my PC. I have attached the error that I see when I open the VIPB file. I am able to open the file in another PC which is having the same version on VIPM. Could anyone help me in understanding and solving this issue? Thanks, Bhargavi.
  5. Hi Ashish, I have logged into the PC as an administrator and faced this issue when installing the VIPM. Will run as administrator differ to this? Thanks, Bhargavi.
  6. Hi all, I have ran the exe present in "C:\National Instruments Downloads\LabVIEW\2018\Products\NI_VIPM_Installer\NIVIP00" location which didn't result in the above errors and installed the VIPM successfully. But, I am not sure why this error has occurred when I install through LabVIEW installer. Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  7. Hi all, I am not able to install VIPM in my PC. The error is as attached below. Please suggest me how to overcome this error and complete my installation. I have tried to install the VIPM from the LabVIEW Installer.
  8. Hi @Jim Kring , I have tried out the new build(3.0.2) and it works fine for me. Thanks for the immediate fix Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  9. Hi @Jim Kring, Thanks for sharing the build:). I will try it and let you know if it works fine for me. I am accessing the reference in TestCase by passing it through functional global. I didn't find any other way to do it as of now. Please let me know if there is any other way. Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  10. Hi @JimKring, You are right. Similar to the one in test case "setUp.vi" we have to fix in test suite "setUp.vi". If you are going to make those changes, can I know when I can expect the fixed version? Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  11. Hi @JimKring, I have moved to the approach of creating the DOM reference in setUp.vi of Test Suite. I will let you know if I face any problem. For now, Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  12. Hi @JimKring I have attached the sample project, which demonstrates the issue that I am facing. I have also attached the image, which shows the DOM ref values in New.vi of test suite and setUp.vi of the test case. Please let me know if you need any details. Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri. Sample Code.zip
  13. Hi @Jim Kring, I am facing the same issue(document reference getting lost) when I create my object(this object private data contains document reference) in the "New.vi" of Test Suite. I observed that when I create the document reference in "New.vi" and use it in my test case the document ref is lost. Please let me know if this issue can be solved or I should find other alternatives to make my test work. Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  14. Hi @Jim Kring, Thanks for the update and the new release works fine for me
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