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  1. Something odd happened a couple days ago. After working great for a while, it suddenly stopped again. During the same LabVIEW session, no less. Just now I ran LabVIEW and the shortcut works normally again. Something is happening that is invalidating the shortcut, or redirecting it to nowhere. I did try repeatedly pressing Shift, Ctrl, and Alt after the shortcut stopped working, to see if I could get Sticky Keys to come up, but no amount of presses did anything. Finally, I think LabVIEW crashed as it closed, which has been happening a bit lately. I'll see if I can pinpoint the cause of the crash, and see if it could be related.
  2. I'll report back if it happens again. I know I updated to the ladies version not long before I posted so maybe the shortcut didn't register after the update? But I think it wasn't working a few days back either...
  3. So today it's working... Not sure what's different. I shut down my PC most days when I go home, so I have to relaunch LabVIEW often. Today it just works. Weird...
  4. I'm not running in a Virtual Machine. I noticed the version number isn't displayed in the "info" screen, so I had to go into VIPM to get it. Windows 10 x64 Professional LabVIEW 2017 v17.0.1f3 32-bit Design Palette v1.0.4.193
  5. I can't get the Design Palette to launch using keyboard shortcuts. I know it used to work, so I'm not sure what's going on. Launching from the Tools menu does still work. I might try removing and reinstalling the Design Palette, but has anyone else run into this?
  6. GCraftsman provides an extension package that can seamlessly serialize/deserialize classes using EasyXML called JSON Object Serializer. It seems to work pretty well in my limited use. It is a paid library.
  7. VIPM (while awesome) still doesn't seem to have a way to filter packages based on age (aka show me recent packages first). The JKI website has a Discover Packages page but it seems it stopped updating in 2017. There was an idea posted concerning this over 8 years ago (!) with barely a mention since. How can I tell which packages I have never seen before, without going through the entire list of ~750 packages every time I open VIPM?
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