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  1. Hello, No, Windows uninstaller in Control Panel don't do the job. VI Package Manager 2020.2 and VI Package Manager Runtime Engine are seen there and Windows Installer say "Another program installing. Wait until....and try again" when I try uninstall both. Same message. Perhaps I can start computer in Fail safe mode or something... BTW, When I click VIPM Browser under Start-button it start to install. After a while the Flash screen for WIPM (Build 2452) coming up but dies after 10 sec. One more click om VIPM Browser start the installation all over again. It is the same procedur
  2. There has been some problems with the whole installation. Therefor I tried to do an update. There was updates but when I tried do install it the installer said "Another installation is in progress. You must complete...". I checked running processes. Restarted computer. Nothing helped. What can I do?
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