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  1. The design palette seems to work well for Boolean buttons, but is more difficult to use for other controls. For example, if I type "graph" I get firstly various buttons, then a number of graphs, but there's no way to tell what type of graph: waveform, XY, Intensity - even a chart gets shown here (because the filename on disk includes the word "Graph"). Suggested enhancements: text showing the name of the control currently selected (or under the pointer) in the same way as the LV Control menus the list of control types filtered to show only those which are part of the current
  2. I have a very similar but slightly different issue, though it's likely related. Although I am installing to LV 2012, VIPM 2106 is allowing the installation of packages that are restricted to higher versions of LabVIEW. For example, VIPM shows an upgrade available to JKI State Machine Toolkit 3.0 even though that is restricted to LV>=2013. It installs, but then is broken because the VIs cannot be opened.
  3. This is for all packages. The Status Bar indicates that packages are Mass Compiled and saved, but the recompiled code is not saved to disk. I've had the issue in both 2010 and 2011, and have performed a fresh install of VIPM with LV 2011 without resolving it.
  4. Any progress on this? Is there any more information you need?
  5. Here are the latest error logs. Thanks. August-18-2011.txt
  6. Just to update - this appears to still be the case for VIPM 2011 / LV 2011 - with a fresh install of everything. Having the check-box ticked for an auto-mass-compile goes through the motions, but doesn't actually save any of the compilation to disk.
  7. I have the same issue (for LV 2010). The status bar says that files are being compiled and saved, but none are actually saved to disk. The are no apparent problems for a subsequent mass-compile initiated from LabVIEW.
  8. That's the one - I'm using _svn (doesn't everyone?) Anyhow, I hadn't seen that requirement. Cheers ~ Greg
  9. Any JKI TSVN action causes an error message "... cannot be executed because some of the following files are not members of an SVN repository". Whichever file is operated on definitely is in an SVN repository (accessed through a svn://... URI). TSVN 1.6.2 LabVIEW 8.6.1 or 8.2.1 Windows Vista <-- I'm picking this as the cause :-)
  10. Suggestion: automatic compilation of the newly-installed packages I presume this would be relatively straightforward (using the JKI mass-compile tool!), or otherwise could possibly be scheduled to happen the next time LV was started. If it couldn't happen automatically, perhaps VIPM could monitor which packages were not compiled, and suggest that the user does so.
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