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  1. It turns out it was my post build action that was missing and I did need it.
  2. I removed a file that was part of my build, which I no longer need. Now I get the error: The following files you have specified are missing on disk. Please fix this problem before building. How do I tell VIPM that I no longer want that file as a part of the package?
  3. It looks like I am having the same issue with using vipm. I’m developing code to distribute using vipm. I’ve written the initial code and have it in MyDocuments. I then created a vip that installs the code in the user.lib directory of LabVIEW. I am now debugging this code inside the user.lib. Any changes I make then have to be copied back to the original code in MyDocuments in order to create a revised vip. This is very tedious. I had tried to create a new vip from the modified code in user.lib, but vipm won’t allow this. Error message: The following source VIs are located benea
  4. Yes, 2011 is listed and is the only version listed and installed on my machine. Here is the settings.ini info [Targets] Names.<size(s)>="1" Names 0="LabVIEW" Versions.<size(s)>="1" Versions 0="11.0" Locations.<size(s)>="1" Locations 0="/C/Program Files (x86)/National Instruments/LabVIEW 2011/LabVIEW.exe" Ports="<size(s)=1> 3363" Tested.<size(s)>="1" Tested 0="FALSE" Disabled.<size(s)>="1" Disabled 0="FALSE" Connection Timeout="120" Active Target.Name="LabVIEW" Active Target.Version="11.0" PingDelay(ms)="-1" PingTimeout(ms)="60000"
  5. When trying to build a VI package I get this error (abort message): VIPM could not determine the LabVIEW version of the selected files. The package building has been aborted. Please try another folder. I have only LabVEIW 2011 installed. All vi's were created/compiled with 2011. I'm using VIPM 2012. The package is a .lvlib which points to a number of vi's in a subdirectory. Any ideas on why I'm getting this?
  6. Is there an update on how VIPM will support packed libraries (.lvlibp)?
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