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VI Tester - Known Issues


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This is the Known Issues list for VI Tester 1.1.2. For issues fixed in current & previous releases of VI Tester, please see the Release Notes.


Known Issues

Case 10909: 'Run Single Test' generates an error when pressed after reloading a project

    Reloading a project does not disable the 'Run Single Test' button which makes it possible to press the button when no test is selected, resulting in an invalid test selection error dialog.

  • Workaround: Do not press 'Run Single Test' until you've selected a test on the test tree after reloading project.

Case 10911: VI Tester UI Doesn't Always Open on German Localization of LabVIEW

    VI Tester UI won't open from the Getting Started Window menu, or from a project (.lvproj) menu.

  • Workaround: Open VI Tester from the VI Tester toolbar on the project window or from the menu of an open VI.

Case 10770: VI Tester UI Should Warn Users if Test has unsaved changes.

    VI Tester uses the saved class on disk to find test methods. If the class has changes in memory, VI Tester should warn users to save Test class(es).

  • Workaround: Manually save test classes prior to opening VI Tester UI.

Case 11703: VI Tester Setup, and test methods required interface (TestCase in, TestCase out, error in (no error), error out, are case sensitive.

    VI Tester searches for the inputs/outputs by name and is case sensitive. Can create problems if user modifies the names from the template.

  • Workaround: Don't rename controls/indicators that are created from the template.

Case 11980: VI Tester TestCase.Setup method has typo on reference indicator.

    Test Cases instantiated by TestCase template have 'reference in' label on the reference output. This should be labelled as 'reference out'.

  • Workaround: This bug does not have any adverse effects on tests (cosmetic bug).

Case 13680: VI Tester Toolbar Icons not visible in LV2011, LV2012

    Project toolbar buttons not visible and/or have missing icons.

  • Workaround: Use the Tools Menu to launch VI Tester.

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