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Jki State Machine Explorer cannot be started




My design with JKI-sm has evolved into a state where I can no more start the "Jki State Machine Explorer" (JSME) on the project.

I assume it is because I have added som changes to the architecture which prevents JSEE to recognize the JKI-sm structure - but I cannot figure out which.

It works nicely on a fresh (and empty) design so it is not an installation issue and it has started to appear during the development phase.

I use JKIsm version announcing it as 2018 on the while loop rim, (vipm says version 0.7.45), LV2019/64bit but LV2020/64bit behaves the same.

What I see is that

  1. Right-click on the rim of while loop, case structure or event structure does not show the JSME menu item.
  2. Only right-click on the state string enables the JSME menu item for selection but the JSME does not appear, and no errors are shown - just silent

Hope to get suggestion on how to fix this as the Jki State Machine, primarily because of the Jki State Machine Explorer, are very useful tools!


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Ok, It was not that hard to backtrack what created the malfunction of JSME:

Adding a case structure after the SM case as shown in attached snippet breaks the JSME. The intended purpose is to take a snapshop of the state queue when an error is detected. I will find another way to do this kind of logging which is compatible with JSME. Suggestions are invited.

I am curious as to what are actually the requirements for proper function of JSME.

Again on the logging side - I have made a small vi which will record the history of the states. Uses a queue and functional global for ease of use. As here 977692445_JSMEinbrokenstateandwithlogger.thumb.png.ca43ac72ce561afeb3410593bd52eabb.pngplaced on the diagram it does not break the JSME.

Maybe it is useful to others.

State History Recorder - finite depth - FGV.vi

JSME in broken state.png

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