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Large scale application with JKI state machine - choose the correct way


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Hi there, 

I've finished the JKI course last weeks and I'm not sure how to use this powerful tool in a large scale applications. 
I think I understood how to use it properly and already built some small-medium application but not sure how to go further now, tried to search for examples over the net but didn't find. 

let's say for example, if I have a system that requires a control of 6-8 motors, some devices (such as power-meter, power supply and temperature ), data logging and to run test sequence like moving motors to some area, take measurements, process the data and log it. 

Should I put everything (controlling the devices, reading and logging the measurements) in the JKI same state machine or separate it to a different JKI SM and build a main application that controls the test sequence via dynamic events (the motors and the devices in one application and the data logging in a different one?) ? 

I will appreciate and be grateful for your assistance how to proceed from here. 

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