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Stupid Question.


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I would like to implement the automation system of Vector Tool Platform.

I think GET, PUT, Delete method of REST client API is working well. but only POST method, I couldn't find how to make it work.

Following picture is the page that I can see through web browser.

1. Put File Name

2. Choose File

with 2 procedures, when I click "Execute" button, then I can Upload the file to the Vector system.



The problem is that I could not find the way about how to proceed and implement this in Labview like below.

I am not sure which value I should put as input like "Multipart Post Data", "Default Headers (JSON)", "request specific headers"


Additionally, I don't understand what this is but this could be a hint for your help.

It looks this is a basic structure of data communication.



I hope someone's advice for this situation.


Thank you

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