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Why doesn't EasyXML support XML feature X, Y, or Z?


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Our primary goal for the EasyXML toolkit is to allow anyone to generate an parse XML data from LabVIEW with as much ease and simplicity as possible. We want using EasyXML to be as simple as creating a single cluster that corresponds to the XML structure.


By supporting advanced XML features, the tendency is for the tool to become more complex and therefore difficult to use. We've worked hard to create a robust and powerful tool that does not compromise ease of use. In future releases of EasyXML, we will certainly be adding new features that address current limitations. But, we want to ensure that any features are well designed and easy to use.


For those cases where you absolutely need advanced XML features not supported by EasyXML, right now, you might want to consider using a full-featured XML parser (such as the MSXML parser).


But, by all means, let us know if you think we should add a feature to EasyXML. We're always listening and want to hear your feedback. Just post a message to this forum and someone from JKI will respond.

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