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HP4192 impedance analyzer

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Hello Community,


I recently started working with the HP4192 impedance analyzer and to control it through software, I have downloaded the suggested drivers. These drivers are: HP4192A example.vi, HP4192A measure.vi, HP4192A subSweep.vi and HP4192A Sweep.vi,

To check if it functions, I ran HP4192A measure.vi.  and it worked partially.


As you can in the attached screenshot, it gives me value for display A but not display B. without having values for display B, I cannot continue further.

Can anyone give me some suggestions, on why .vi is not returning the display B value?


The LabVIEW version I am using is 2016. 

The impedance analyzer is HP4192 and is connected to Win10 through a GPIB cable.

Thank you in advance.

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