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  1. Can you verify if you have followed instructions mentioned in this Knowledgebase? The issue in this KB is not relevant to yours but the steps involves should help solve you issue as well. https://support.vipm.io/hc/en-us/articles/214135663-VIPM-fails-to-launch-after-splash-screen-on-Windows
  2. @turbophil....have you heard about VI Package Configuration? It does exactly what you are asking for. Here is a knowledgebase article about it: https://support.vipm.io/hc/en-us/articles/214135883-How-to-use-VI-Package-Configurations-VIPC-
  3. I see that this feature can be valuable to some. I will suggest to post such ideas in https://www.vipm.io/post/suggestion/
  4. Good find! We have recorded this issue as Case 18813 and will see when can we get it resolved.
  5. Nathan, Yes...Run As Admin has been helpful in such situations. Here is an article on how you can setup to always have Run As Admin selected: https://support.vipm.io/hc/en-us/articles/214135663-VIPM-fails-to-launch-after-splash-screen-on-Windows
  6. Hey! That is indeed a valuable use case in scenarios like yours. It will be good to submit it in VIPM Idea Exchange: https://forums.jki.net/forum/84-vipm-idea-exchange/
  7. Sam, You can get the latest (and greatest) VIPM from https://www.vipm.io/download/ Updates to the NIPM feed....I will have to check status on that.
  8. Yes...."Run As administrator" is indeed a magic tool. Glad that you got it working.
  9. For reference, here is a support article: https://support.vipm.io/hc/en-us/articles/214135663-VIPM-fails-to-launch-after-splash-screen-on-Windows
  10. Alin, Thanks for the detailed description of the bug. It helped me to reproduce it. I have recorded this issue as Case 18752 for consideration. I can't promise when this will be fixed but we will inform you when that happens. Since JKI State Machine Editor is open source, you can post any issues in GitHub: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-State-Machine-Editor/issues Take care and stay safe.
  11. You are on the right path. Further improvement suggestion: Asynchronous process instead of running the "timeout Event case" for checking response.
  12. This is the right place to ask VIPM related questions for getting community contribution. FYI, we (JKI) do have a dedicated support for VIPM Pro subscribers.
  13. Muthuraman, Can you confirm if the problem began only after upgrading to VIPM 2019? Have you observed the issue in older version of VIPM?
  14. Elias, Glad to know that you were able to resolve the issue. Also, we really appreciate you sending this piece of information.
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