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  1. Hello @Jim Kring hope you are doing fine. I'm just curious, whether you are planning to continue with Dragon development/releases, or there are some issues, so release is not possible at the moment? Thanks in advance.
  2. What exact version/build of VIPM 2020 do you use? I've tried it just right now (with version 2020.3, build 2540), and everything works like a charm. Login is OK, and also I could request password reset - e-mail was sent immediately. By the way, did you check spam/junk folder of your e-mail inbox? That reset password e-mail could go there.
  3. That would solve the issues of installing project providers, quick drops, etc. into local environment... But also it would be nice to set somehow such option without package rebuild (in order to update existing packages available online) - maybe it could be possible to set it via vipm.io. VIPM downloads packages from repository, so it could check permissions which are set for the particular package directly in the repository...
  4. Thank you, seems that it is fixed. Now when VIPC path is changed to wrong one, toolkits are anyway shown - just they are shown as not included into VIPC.
  5. Thank you, now it asks and if confirm deletes installed packages. But it is strange that dialog window in my case is shown in upper left corner of the monitor (I'd expect it to be shown as on your screenshot, in the middle of the Dragon project window):
  6. UPDATE: don't know how to reproduce it yet, but here is approximately what has happened. 1. Opened one project in Dragon. 2. Then created new project in LabVIEW, left it opened. 3. Created new Dragon project with LV project created in step 2. 4. Installed there toolkit, just for testing. 5. Closed both Dragon projects, so Dragon was closed completely. 6. LabVIEW icon remained in task bar. 7. When clicked on it - the following window was shown: So this is 2nd project's window, but without title of the window.
  7. Thank you, now SQLite library was installed without errors.
  8. Thank you, now it detects version of LabVIEW empty project correctly.
  9. Issue is still present. But now menu could be called not on all empty space, but right after the last project in the list: And then again -> selected Open -> Cancel -> empty window was opened.
  10. Thank you, looks like the issue is not reproducible anymore.
  11. 1. Created LV project, added empty VI. 2. Created new Dragon project, selected above created project. 3. Opened Resources tab, Add Package -> SQLite Library in lv-venv folder. 4. Started installation. 5. Installation gets stuck on "Reading VI Linker" operation. But, toolkits are shown as Installed in VIPM window. 6. Pressed button "Cancel" in small VIPM Handler window -> window was simply closed. 7. Pressed red round "Abort current operation" button in VIPM window -> button disappeared. 8. Closed Dragon window -> it was simply closed, but VIPM remained opened. 9. Had to kill VIPM process via Task Manager. 10. Reopened Dragon project again, and opened VI in the project. 11. Checked functions menu palette. SQLite menu entry is there, but no VIs are loaded: 12. Inspected lv-venv folder on the disk -> VIs are present on the disk. 13. Tested this behavior in LabVIEW 2020 and LabVIEW 2017 - result is the same. 14. Tried to install SQLite Library into global environment via Dragon -> everything works fine. 15. Tried to install some another toolkit locally (OpenG Boolean library) - everything works fine. Maybe, it is issue just of SQLite Library toolkit, but for sure there is something not OK overall - somehow VIPM gets into the state when it is not responsive, and one has to kill it via Task Manager.
  12. 1. Created empty LabVIEW project (so just project, without any VIs) in LabVIEW 2020 (tested also with LV 2017). 2. Created new Dragon project with above created LV project. 3. Dragon shows project's LV version as 2013. LV 2013 - is the lowest LV version on my PC. When new project is created, and there is added at least some VI - then version is detected properly. UPDATE: it detects version properly when VI is in the project's folder. When project contains VI which is stored in another folder (outside of the project's folder), then still version is not detected properly.
  13. VIPM is opened. Then double-click on Dragon shortcut on Desktop (this shortcut is created during installation). Dragon's icon is shown for a while in task bar, and then disappears. No Dragon window is opened. So then the only way to launch Dragon is to click on Dragon icon in VIPM window...
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