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  1. Hmmm, that’s very odd. I’d be curious of VIPM 2021 would resolve this, since there were various fixes in that release. Would you be able to upgrade and try?
  2. Thanks for posting the screenshot. What does the dialog show after you press OK? It should indicate the caller of that missing vi. it’s hard to know for sure if A mass compile of your Source folder would fix the issue. Possibly, yet sometimes the linkages can be crossed up across different projects.
  3. Does the VIPM error dialog state which calling VI is trying to find that missing VI? The dialogue has two parts: one that shows you the missing VIs, and the second that shows you which project source VIs are calling the missing VIs also, often the culprit is a VI on disc that is not actually being used anymore, but it’s broken. The package builder is including it, even though it’s not being called by anyone
  4. Awesome! Glad that worked. Also, VIPM Pro has lots of other great features, too
  5. The easiest way is to save them into a VIPC file. This is a VIPM Pro feature, which we created to address this challenge. How-to-use-VI-Package-Configurations (VIPC files) However, I'm curios why the other dependencies can't be found -- is that a network issue?
  6. I just emailed you some instructions. I did this privately, since the steps involved are tricky and I don't want anyone trying this at home without a safety net.
  7. Hi @Horsechilli I saw this happen recently, too, and it was also in LabVIEW 2017. I'll gather my notes on this to try to help you out. Stay tuned... -Jim
  8. Hi Jaun, To fix this, can you try running this exe as Administrator (it should ask you to run as Administrator when you double click it): "C:\Program Files (x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager\support\VIPM Update Registry.exe" Please let me know if that helps. -Jim
  9. Hi Sam. I'm sorry for the trouble. This is really a pain... Can you try using this copy of the "VI Package Manager Runtime Engine" installer? >> vipm-2020.3.2540-windows-prerequisites.zip << This is a copy of the actual temp folder (containing the VIPM runtime engine) extracted during the VIPM 2020.3.2540 installation. C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\JKI\VI Package Manager 2020.3\prerequisites If that doesn't work, we could try the one from the 2020.3.2532 installer.
  10. Hi,

    I was curious if it's somehow possible to send an array to JSON?

  11. That's great! If you're up for a little challenge, you could made the change to the source code on GitHub as a Pull Request. https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-Simple-Localization This would help ensure that future releases are compatible with your local modifications.
  12. That's a great idea -- I don't think it's currently a supported feature. It's definitely possible and I would probably do this (in the code) by adding a key for the additional axis labels: yAxisLabel (maybe also allow yAxisLabel.0 and/or some kind of backward compatibility) yAxisLabel.1 yAxisLabel.2 The code is open source and you could take a look at how to do this. -Jim
  13. Hi @Sahithi I think that, because of the way LabVIEW works, you will need to rebuild the package altogether.
  14. One more thing... Be sure to set up Basic Auth (username/password) protection (or limit access via VPN as you mentioned) if you’re going to let other people know your repository URL.
  15. Hi Joerg, Glad you figured this out. Yes, the protocol (https://) prefix needs to be included. Also, I’m not sure if it’s related, but there’s one extra thing that might be relevant: For HTTPS support in VIPM 2020.x be sure to set the network options in VIPM to “Use System Proxy Settings (Windows Only)”. The “No Proxy (Direct Connection)” setting doesn’t support HTTPS, yet... In VIPM 2021 (now in beta) we’ve added HTTPS support in the default (No Proxy / Direct Connection) mode. -Jim
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