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  1. Can you try typing this into a terminal? cd ~/Library/PreferencePanes/ This will navigate you into the PreferencePanes folder then type the following: ls This should list the contents of the folder. Do you see something like the following? VI Package Manager.prefPane If so, then typing the following may fix the issue (as described here) by removing the "quarantine" flag in the OS security settings: sudo xattr -d -r -s com.apple.quarantine "~/Library/PreferencePanes/VI Package Manager.prefPane"
  2. Hi Glen, Sorry for the frustration. Mac support has been challenging for VIPM, but we try. It looks from your post that you tried all the tips mentioned on the knowledge base entry here: File Permission Errors running VIPM on macOS The "AppTranslocation" thing in the file path ("/private/var/folders/w7/rtz9k1m114390vq0fxc21bv00000gn/T/AppTranslocation/54274253-33FC-46D0-A566-B7 F86CC7D1F7/d/VI Package Manager.app/support/callbacks.llb/Refresh Menus 2013.vi") makes me curious if this is some new kind of file system thing that we're not handling. I did some googling of "AppTrans
  3. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear the installers and security challenges are such a pain. I wonder if there’s a way to have a VIPM installer that does not include the runtime engine stuff — can you install VIPM and the skip over the runtime installer part, I wonder.
  4. Great question! They have to have a VIPM.io user account and have their gitlab/github usernames added in their VIPM.io profile.
  5. Thanks. We've seen this before. It's an issue with the curly quotes not working in the updates information file.
  6. Hi Zachary, Can you try opening the VIPM Main window and refreshing the package list? 1) Click on the orange "VI" in the upper left corder of the window in your screenshot 2) Click the refresh button 3) Search for DCAF CVT
  7. The package's homepage on vipm.io has a direct download button. Does that work for you? https://www.vipm.io/package/ni_lib_dcaf_cvt/
  8. Thanks for that info. Just to be clear: Is this a separate issue or does changing to "UTF-8 without signature" fix the original issue?
  9. Thanks for the update. I haven't looked into it deeply, but I found a couple links that seem informative: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10715001/bstr-to-cstring-conversion-for-arabic-text http://www.delphigroups.info/2/f5/481372.html If you're able to figure this out, it would be a great improvement to the library.
  10. Thanks for clarifying all the different things you’ve tried. I’m sorry that the instructions aren’t working correctly for Arabic. I don’t have any experience getting this tool working for Arabic, so I haven’t run up against this problem. I’ll ask some of my colleagues if they know anything about it
  11. I haven't tried, but I would assume that it already is compatible with Arabic. There's a documentation guide here to help you out: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-Simple-Localization/wiki Please let us know how this works for you.
  12. Great idea, Joerg. This is not currently a feature, but it's worth considering, for sure. Your use case sounds valid.
  13. Thanks for the clarification on your use case -- it's very helpful (and exciting) to see the code in action that does the automated builds of your VI Packages! We've done some work on a fix for this issue (we're calling it a "bug") and I'll ping you off-line so you can test it out, if you'd like.
  14. Hi Joerg, Great idea. A couple comments/questions: I see that the VI Package Builder GUI defaults to 1 for the major version, yet it allows changing it to 0. It also allows you to build and install such a package (with 0 as the major version), just fine. More so, I see there are several packages in the wild (on vipm.io) that use 0 as the major version number, too. So, it would seem reasonable to allow the VIPM API to support this, too, and it wouldn't introduce any new problems. Which VIPM API VIs are you calling and how you're using it? I'm assuming you probably have an existin
  15. Hi Alex, This may not be trivial, although it's probably technically possible. I'll ping you off-line. -Jim
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