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  1. Hi Jim, I would love to take a look at an early release. Just let me know when it's available. Thanks, Jon
  2. Out of curiosity, is there anything major missing aside from Utility methods at the parent level for (something like) "AddProcessToRegistry" and (something like) "GetProcessRendezvous"? I was able to get it up and running by adding those two methods, but it is entirely possible that I am missing something major or just flat out misusing the code. I realize that you are going to release something more complete soon so feel free to ignore me. I'm just doing prep work for my own understanding.
  3. Hey Jim, I appreciate the update. I am glad to hear it is a partial release because as I dug into it I started to realize that there was no way to configure the processes (at least not that I could see). I will wait for the next release, I appreciate all the effort JKI has put into this and look forward to contributing. -Jon
  4. After seeing the presentation at the CLA summit I am looking forward to getting my hands on the code. Any idea when this code will be released?
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