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  1. The JKI State Machine Explorer is amazing and incredibly helpful. One deficiency I've found is that browsing through the (potentially long) sequence of states found in a Macro can be somewhat cumbersome. An improvement idea I have to is to somehow represent the potentially long sequence of states in a macro in a sidebar or separate window. Mock-up shown below:
  2. "Check for package updates on launch" is selected: But repository is not updated until click refresh button in main window:
  3. Update: The button gets covered when the window is set to minimum width: Perhaps the refresh button could be moved? Otherwise minimum window size should be bigger?
  4. Strange issue with the newest version (2020.2) the "update package" button is hidden. At first I thought it was completely missing. - I see this on two machines, one running build 2391 and the other build 2386. On another computer running build 2386 it works fine. - The only other difference I can see is that the button is missing when more than one version of LabVIEW is installed. It is visible when only one version is installed
  5. I like to give my users a "starter pack" when beginning a new project. Part of this includes setting up a directory structure with a vipt file waiting for them. However, when packages are built vipt files are ignored. I have gotten around this by renaming them before build and then restoring the old name after installation, but this seems like a fragile and inelegant solution.
  6. Drag *.vip files into Repository Manager window. Useful if you one has many packages to publish simultaneously. For example, if the catalog gets corrupted one could drag the entire "packages" directory into the Repository Manager to reconstruct the repository.
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