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A TSVN tool is a great idea, but ...

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I've just downloaded the Demo, and am trying it out. I use TSVN all the time for my LabVIEW work. I try to have my repository model, my disk model, and my project model be more-or-less similar. So, for example, I have a project I call M-Lab. In the Repository, there is an M-Lab/trunk, M-Lab/branches, and M-Lab/tags, and most of my stuff is done (of course) in M-Lab/trunk. On my hard drive, I have a folder called (naturally) M-Lab which is the top folder under which are sub-folders for Documentation, Test routines, Utilities, Main VI, etc. Also in this top folder is M-Lab.lvproj, which (in turn) has "virtual folders" that basically map into the disk folders (i.e. Documentation, etc.).


What I'm accustomed to doing is to go to Explorer, find M-Lab, right-click it and choose the TSVN operation that I want. A Commit, for example, commits everything in the project that I've changed. But the TSVN LabVIEW tool appears to be much more fine-grained than this, wanting to commit individual VIs (and I'm not sure that it is even doing that!).


Since I'm only "testing" at this point, I decided to try the Show Log command. The first time I tried, I got an error (it couldn't find "My Computer", which I think it took from the Project). I was going to complain in this e-mail about it, but when I tried again, it worked!

Hmmm -- what would happen if I tried to Commit the entire Project (from Project view)? Might that do the trick?


So this message started out as a complaint, but now I see (and should have known better, given JKI's batting average) that it would work much better than I'd imagined. Since I'm still in the "testing" phase, I think I'll create a new repository, a new LabVIEW project, and play around a bit. Exciting ...


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,


Thanks for taking the time to test-drive the JKI TortoiseSVN Tool. We hope that you find it useful.


Right now, the tool operates on individual VIs/CTLs/etc or on the selected VIs/CTLs/etc. in the project. We don't have a feature, right now, that allows you to operate on all VIs in your project, but we're thinking about how we might do this.


Note: You're not alone -- someone else asked a similar question, this morning.



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