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EasyXML 2.0 Release Notes

Jim Kring

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What's New in EasyXML 2.0


This is the second major release of EasyXML and includes significant performance improvements, as well as fixes for some issues. It supports LabVIEW 7.1 or greater on Mac, Linux, and Windows and is written purely in LabVIEW (no DLLs, etc.).


New and changed features:

  • Case 5197: Change default format specifier for floating points to use significant digits
    The default format specifier has been changed. It is now "%.;%#_14g" for EXT and DBL. It is now "%.;%#_7g" for SGL.
  • Case 8790: Performance improvements
    Major performance improvements were made to the XML parsing.

Resolved Issues:

  • Case 5206: International characters in names should not be removed
    Support for international characters (e.g., æ, ø, å, etc.) has been implemented.
  • Case 5788: 'Easy Parse XML' raises error when numeric data exists in LabVIEW that are not in XML string
    EasyXML is now tolerant of missing data in XML string for numeric data that exists in the LabVIEW data structure.
  • Case 5086: EasyXML package does not declare oglib_file dependency
    Added dependency on oglib_file to easyxml package
  • Case 5091: EasyXML .KML File Example Name Typo
    Renamed example as "Write Google Earth KML File.vi"
  • Case 5098: Float formatting should force use of period (and override system decimal char)
    EasyXML now always uses a period instead of the system decimal character.
  • Case 5174: Attributes with single quotes aren't working
    Support has been added for single quotes and nested alternate quotes (single quotes inside double quotes and vice versa).
  • Case 5175: Colon characters in names should not be removed
    Support for colon character in attribute and element names has been added.

Release Date: March 19, 2010


To download and install the demo version, purchase the toolkit, or for more information visit http://jkisoft.com/easyxml/.

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