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[Feature Request!] Expose Sub-packages


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I posted this on the Private forum. I thought I would repost here to get feedback from the VIPM community and to make it public


It would be really cool if I could add multiple dependency packages to a package as sub-packages so I could ship one package that contained all required packages.

I can currently do this with a .vipc file, but love the idea that a package could do it.

Another good reason for sub-packages over .vipc files that I forgot to mention: .vipc files currently have to be installed in the same version they were created. For example, this means that to support multiple versions of LabVIEW for a package release, I have to add multiple .vipc files if I want to include dependencies + package in a .zip release.


To start with I don't mind if its not exposed through the UI - as I would more than happy to do it myself with hooks.

Backwards support for OGPB would be nice too.




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