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Problem converting back from JSON


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I have a problem using JKI JSON, it does not convert JSON data correctly back to the datatype. I noticed this problem with all array types when the array is part of a cluster.

Example snippet included.

I have traced the problem, and I think the data gets lost at "\Deserializer\JSON Parser\Parse Value.vi", at the in 'Array of VData to VCluster__ogtk.vi' in state 'begin-object' (note that that example data is with different datatype than the first example)

I'm using JKI-JSON-Serialization-master from Github, downloaded today (2018-06-14)


Kind regards & thank you in advance for your time looking into this,

JKI JSON error demo.png

something with Array of VData to VCluster.png

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This is a bug, and has to do with the name of the array:

Look at the created JSON string, and you will see that the name is not "Errors[]" (the original name of the variable) but "Errors" (without the "[]" that got removed somehow).
The JSON parser looks for "Errors[]" but cannot find the correct variable name (and will ignore the data called "Error" )

Remove the [] from the array  name and it will work.

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