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loading cluster array from XML - resolved

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I'm trying to load data from an XML file, it contains this :

  <description>Device 1</description>
  <description>Device Attributes 2</description>
  <description>Device 3</description>

The Array name is supportVariation and the element of the array is a cluster that contains 3 elements (objectGroup (I32), variation  (I32) and description (string)).

It seems to me that EasyXML can't load this, I hope I'm wrong.


In LabVIEW created an Array named "supportVariation" containing a cluster that I named "cluster" that contains my 3 elements objectGroup (I32), variation (I32) and description (string)

EasyXML "sees" all the element in the array but doesn't load the value of the cluster elements because the file doesn't contain the cluster name.

If I use EasyXML to write the cluster array, the created xml file has the cluster name.

Edit :

Ha... in fact it works just fine (which is amazing), After some poking and debugging I just found out that I had an extra cluster layer in my control (cluster frames are so thin these days).

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Cheers @Jim Kring, lots of challenging problems to solve with LabVIEW 🙂

EasyXML Toolkit is fabulous, I remember there use to be a paid version, it's really nice of JKI to have put it OpenSource on GitHub!

If there was a way to donate money to thank the developers, I would!

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