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Parse State Queue: "Previous State" as argument on error in




in our company we changed  the Parse State Queue VI, so that we get the previous state in case we had an error. With this it was so much easier to debug the JKI-SM, because we were able to display the state, where the error occurred.

Maybe this this an idea for the original Parse State Queue??

Here is an snippet based on the "old" Parse State Queue VI.


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At our lab, I did exactly the same for the same reason. To me a very obvious improvement, extremely helpful to find from what part the error originated.

I changed the colour of the Parse State Queue VI to distinguish it from the original.

See the yellow coloured vi icon in the screenshot below.

Now a wire "previous" state is available for error processing, which in my case is done in the white coloured subvi "ERROR".

Would love to see this in the next update of the JKI SM :-)

@Jim Kring

I find it cumbersome to have multiple logins for multiple platforms. This is the JKI forum and you ask for feedback on GitHub?

>> We've posted a related idea and request for feedback, here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-State-Machine/issues/11

>> [..] Should we, instead, make the Previous State available to all frames of the JKI State Machine (e.g. as an additional output to the Parse State Queue), [..] 

Yes, this is sufficient for me.


Oh, and I should mention that I use the very helpful GPower error toolset (https://gpower.io/?lang=en) which allows for creating (and extracting)multiple errors on the "standard error wire". So then the JKI Error Handler frame can handle multiple errors, originating from a single frame.



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