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Numeric Control (v2.0.1.28) field exceeds bounds of border



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Hi Greg. Thanks for posting this.

We are aware of this, and the only work-around we have found is to adjust the position of the display text down one pixel, relative to the other parts of the numeric control.

Unfortunately, that changes the position of the text relative to the background and it looks (very slightly) misaligned (it looks 1px too low). LabVIEW doesn’t provide much possibility for adjusting the behavior of the string text (like making the background transparent when it has the cursor for text input by user.

If you discover anything or have ideas about how to fix/improve this, please let us know.

does that explanation make sense?

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Hi Jim. Thanks for your response. I'm still a little confused.

On my screen, the numeric control/indicator text is already too high (4 pixels of padding at the top and 8 at the bottom in the image below).

I will try moving the Numeric Text part down by entering Customize Mode in the control editing window.


Edited by Greg
I think I know how to move the text location.
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I am using Arial instead of the default font.

I think using the default font could cause appearance differences depending on OS of the computer running the VI. I am in a multi-OS environment, and I want to ensure a consistent UX. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Number Text field contains 28 pt font.

It's odd that LabVIEW fonts have different top and bottom padding.

What font are you using?

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