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JSON ignoring single variant in a cluster


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I found today the JKI JSON tool, which looks great, but I've encountered a problem.

When I try to "wrap" some data around a new object, with a cluster with a single variant it ignores it.

Please see screenshot for clearance:


The output is the same. I expect the left string to have the "bridge_data" in it.

Is it a bug or am I not using it correctly?

Thank you

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This looks like a bug.

(Note: I've filed a bug report in our issue tracker here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-JSON-Serialization/issues/34)

I see the same thing as you. The "bridge_data" is missing, here, when it's the only element in the cluster.



However, if I add another element next to the variant (so it's not the only element in the cluster) then I see "bridge_data" in the JSON string.



JSON Test ignoring single variant in a cluster.vi.zip

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@Voklaif We dug into it and it turns out to be a LabVIEW bug. The solution is for the user (you) put a To Variant function before the call to Flatten to JSON String, since the bug seems to be inside the coercion dot (and the To Variant function doesn't seem to have that problem).


Note: here's the bug (and fix) reduced to a very simple example (example VI also attached for anyone who wants to play with it)...

Coerce to Variant Fail (LV2019).vi





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