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JKI Flat UI Controls system requirements


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In installing the JKI Flat UI Controls with LabVIEW 2020 on Mac OS, the package claims requirement to install JKI Design Palette.  However this Package is not listed as available on the Mac.  Not sure if there is something fundamentally not allowed on the Mac OS or if it was an oversight in packaging the JKI Design Palette.

Furthermore, VIPM reports that there is also a missing dependency on OpenG Port IO which is a very old package that has never been compatible with the Mac OS.  And is not part of most windows machines that haven't had a "Printer Port" in years.  However that is a dependency in the OpenG toolkit which I use despite that missing dependency.  However it now blocks in stallion of the JKI Flat UI Controls.

(Note I believe that this issue is also in earlier versions of LabVIEW (does not work in LV 2019) as well, I just decided to update my controls UI using a modern looking set with a change to 2020)

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 11.35.01 AM.png

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Hi Scott,

The JKI design palette is currently only Windows compatible. I could look into what it would take to get a Mac build working. It’s distributed as a PPL, and has to be compiled in each platform.

you can choose to ignore the dependency, and continue the installation of the flat UI controls. You would then need to browse to the installation location do use the controls.

thanks for your patience. As you know, we just got VIPM 2020 working on MacOS ;)


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