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Path control causes high CPU usage


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let me report the following issue, which was discovered by my colleague.

We use LabVIEW 2015, SP1. JKI Design Palette v1.0.5.196.

We have some project, which has dialog windows. And we've noticed, that sometimes when user did right-click on VIs title bar, LabVIEW is completely frozen. Then we've started to investigate the issue, and found out that Path control from JKI Design Palette causes high CPU usage -> which somehow in its turn causes issues with title bar context menu.

When we have just 1 empty VI opened, CPU usage is low, around 1-2 %.


But as soon as we place there Path control, CPU usage jumps to 22-30%! And VI is just opened, it is not running.


When we place any other path from "native" LabVIEW palette, CPU usage is around 2-5%.

Thank you,

Sincerely, Ivan.


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